The book “Poems from the Heart” contains poems  written in no certain sequence or subject matter. They  may be about the way I was feeling at any given  moment, the way I thought someone else was feeling, or  even something a loved one was going through.

There were so many factors, but the main one was simply listening to God and then writing down what I believed I was supposed to write. My main objective was to introduce non-believers to a Living God if by Divine intervention they decided to purchase this book, and not just a name in the Bible. But for those who were already Christians to implore them to seek a closer relationship with Him.

I feel presumptuous in saying God gives me the poems, but I really believe He does. Before, I did not like poetry, could not write poetry, nor could I understand poetry. But now I have a great love for the poetry I write.

I really wanted to be a singer, but I have a terrible voice. I wanted to be a songwriter, but I can’t write songs and believe me I have tried.  Now I write poems which I never thought in a million years that I would do. And I love doing it. God really does work in mysterious ways.

As I write the poems, I feel so very close to God. The thing I want the most for this book is for you to feel that same closeness.

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The decision to follow Jesus is the most important decision you will ever make. Although that decision will not remove you from all the problems that life brings, it does  assure you of the Lord’s presence in that life. I pray that    as you read these poems, each and everyone will bless,  inspire, and cause you to seek a deeper relationship with Him. Make the thoughts, circumstances, and feelings your  own. Read them as if the Lord is speaking directly to you, because He is.

Chloe’s hand touched the side of the pool and the water dropped on his face. He stood up just as she pulled herself up, gasping for breath. He reached out before she had a chance to surface and grabbed her hair pushing her face back under the water. She pushed away from the hand that held her captive. She tried to stand. She needed air and she needed it bad. She kept trying to pull free, but the person that held her under the water had his hands entangled in her hair; and she couldn’t get away. Darkness threatened but still she tried. And then nothing.


The man was already in place when the sun came up the next morning. He stood by his favorite tree smiling to himself as he watched the back of the house. He had come up with the most brilliant plan last night, or so he thought, and he couldn't wait to put it into action.


What is the tapestry of events, That weaves together the fabric of our lives? Most people say they are just coincidences, Not woven together by someone on High. We travel to and fro, Thinking we have things well in hand. Forgetting that everything we say or do, Is under God's command. So as we go about our day. And we give credit to the Lord above, We find it is in all those little "God Things", That we are woven together with His love.