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Heavenly Realm offers to make adjustments and changes to the authors book with this option. This option is available for the author who needs to make revisions, changes, alterations, and/or adjustments to the interior and/or cover design of the authors book whether its still in the publishing process or already published and out on market through distribution.

The major set back for authors is when major bookstores and online bookstores are not allowed to return unsold books to the publisher. Heavenly Realm’s ultimate goal is that every author has a chance to sell their books without any hindrances or set backs. This is why we have created the Book Return Program to increase your chances for bookstores to stock your book on the shelf or order your book for book signings and/or speaking engagements without the chance of over ordering too many books. If a book does not sell or sell well, bookstores want the ability to return unsold books to the publisher for a complete refund. This is why Heavenly Realm has created a way for the author’s books to be returnable. By enrolling in this program your book catches the eye of major bookstores all over the world and increases your chance of increased sales and marketing for your book.

Here’s why you should sign up for the Book Return Program:
1.     It will enhance your chance for Bookstores and Online Bookstores to order your book all over the world.
2.     It will increase your chances of having book signings, workshops, and speaking engagements.
3.     As your books are returned, you will not be in default nor will your royalties be reduced or not received.

Important Note to Know:  
Increase your sales by having your book in bookstores without your royalties being jeopardized.

This program gives you two payment options to choose from:
* 12-Month Period
* 24- Month Period


If you are interested in the Book Return Program, please call us at:
1-866-216-0696, EXT. 1. Our Author Representatives are waiting to help you.


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