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Frequently Asked Questions    

We have answers to most questions you may have. Scroll below for the best answer to the question you may have.

Q     How long will it take to publish my book?

    The time depends on the condition the manuscript is in when Heavenly Realm receives it, the type of service that you have purchased, and the length of time it takes you to review your proofs.


Q     What is the average time for the publishing process?

   Once the completed information and submitted work is received, the entire publishing process usually takes around two to three months to finish. All books are different. Heavenly Realm has had some to complete in less than one week and as long as a year. It depends on the author and how long it takes you to complete and return the proofs and approve all paperwork and corrections you make.

      * SUBMISSION: Once you submit your work to Heavenly Realm, we will contact you to sign up and choose a publishing package and send in your signed paperwork and forms. An author adviser will work close with you as he or she will talk to you about the needed materials and required publication essentials. Once Heavenly Realm receives all of your submitted paperwork, we will then begin to review them and set your account up for publishing. 2-3 day span.

     * PRODUCTION PROCESS: After your book enters in the publishing process of production, we will design your book according to your specifications and choosing. 10-15 business days span.

     * YOU WILL RECEIVE YOUR E-PROOFS: Once we complete the design and production process, you will receive your e-proofs of your interior layout and cover design before we proceed with the finalization of the publishing process production. You will then review them and make any changes if necessary and return them back to Heavenly Realm. Once your proofs are fixed and/or corrected, your book will become available for sale by your signature approval.

     * YOUR BOOK WILL BE RELEASED FOR WORLDWIDE MARKETING (if this option is chosen): Once all paperwork and forms are signed and turned in, Your Author Adviser will then began to set your account up for worldwide marketing, or if you have only chose to print, he or she will set your book up for only print. This will allow your book available for ordering books. Online retailers may take up to 60-90 days on the worldwide marketing channel. Additional fees apply to all worldwide marketing if chosen.


Q    What kind of formatting do you offer?

We offer e-Book, paperback, hardback (case laminate- textbook style and dust jacket- blue or gray color),  and saddle stitch- (sizes and color format may vary) formatting. We print books with both black & white and full-color interiors.


Q     What size trim do you offer?

We offer 4″ x 7″, 5″ x 8″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 6″ x 9″, 7″ x 10″, 8″ x 10″, 8.5″ x 11″, or 8.5′ x 8.5′ for black & white and full-color books. Additional sizes are offered, our author representatives are available to answer any requests you may have.


Q     What size and types of paper do you offer for your books?

We provide high quality professional paper. We offer for black and white books, a 50 lb. acid-free white and cream color stock. And for full-color books, we offer a high-quality premium 50, 70 or 80 lb. vibrant color interior on a rich, durable stock. For our Matte Finish, we offer a 50, 70, or 45lb. white paper.


Q     May I supply my own book cover design?

Yes. You may supply your own book cover design. However, Heavenly Realm does offer a Custom Cover Option for the author who does not have one and are in need of one. See our Custom Cover Illustration Option. Sizes and specifications apply to all author’s who already have a book cover to supply. See our Publishing Check List for accurate details or contact our Author Representative.


Q     Who does my Custom Cover design?

Heavenly Realm has a Graphic Design & Illustration team will personally design and illustrate your custom cover to best fit the vision of your book. You come up with the vision, and we take it and enhance it and bring it to life while you embrace the reward.


Q     Can I talk to the Graphic Designer who is designing my book cover?

Your Author Adviser representative acts as a liaison between you and the graphic designer and/or illustrator. As you communicate with your Author Adviser, your book cover is able to be completed at an allotted time.


Q     How should I submit my graphics?

You can submit hard copy, original images or digital images. Heavenly Realm supports up to 11″ x 17″, this includes original images on paper (photographs, painting, watercolor, line art the use of ink, etc.). If you are submitting photo’s please adhere to the following formatting guidelines and requirements. See Publishing Check List.

* Images must be saved with a TIFF, JPEG, or a PDF file, in a CMYK color mode.

* All graphics and/or images should have a resolution of at least 300 dpi and must be the actual size to ensure quality reproduction.

* Save all image files as separate files. Please do not embed or paste images in your manuscript.

* Use the correct file name when referencing and before sending them to us.

* Provide us instructions on where the images will be placed within your manuscript.

* Please indicate where each image should be placed within your manuscript.

* Along side of your interior images, you also have the option to submit the cover image (be place on front cover), cover design (on book cover), and the author image (place on back of book cover) to be place on the back cover of your final cover design.


Q     How should I include tables in my manuscript?

You may use Microsoft Word to create your tables, if any, and keep them in your manuscript.


Q     What is the difference between Black & White and Full-Color Publishing Services?

Heavenly Realm offers two types of services: Black & White and Full-Color Book Publishing services.

* Black & White Book Publishing Service is perfect for fiction tales, non-fiction books, memoirs, poetry, testimonials, ministry type books, anything that’s in your vision. Heavenly Realm’s Black & White services feature a full-color cover, gray-scale/black & white interior, and perfect binding. All available formats are quality paperback and hardbacks for bookstores.

* Our Full-Color Book Publishing Service is great for Children’s books, cookbooks, family photo albums, corporate materials and manuals, graphic novels, and catalogs. The full-color cover and interior is featured. Heavenly Realm’s Full-Color Packages enables you to share your vision in a high quality, professional, dazzling color.


Q     Where will my book be available?

Once your book is published, it will become available for order through Heavenly Realm. Subject to specific limitations, your book may also be available for sale worldwide on online with major retailers such as Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-A-Million, Barnes & Noble.com., and major e-book web-stores, major book stores, major Christian bookstores, retailers and channels. Books may also be made available from major retailers. Book through our Worldwide Marketing Print Service will be available for order through our Heavenly Realm Outlet.


Q     Will my book be placed on the bookstore shelves?

During the book selling climate, it is difficult to place any books on bookstore shelves. With this industry-wide declaration, however, applies to the print-on-demand in a certain type of way. Most booksellers order their books on consignment, meaning they pay the wholesaler within 90 days and after they sell the book, the wholesaler in turn pays the publishing company. If the book does not sell, they each have the right to return the book to the publisher at any given time and in any condition. Generally, books can be stocked on shelves 6 weeks and 6 months before they are returned.

Heavenly Realm Publishing’s Book Return Program enables bookstores to purchase titles from Heavenly Realm on a returnable basis, and has leveled the playing field for self-published authors. The approach of the bookstores to stock and display copies of your book remains solely upon you as the author. The Book Return Program is highly recommended for the author. You may speak to our Author Representatives for more details.


Q    Do Amazon, Christian bookstores, and Barnes & Nobles retail outlets know about you?

Yes, they are very familiar with Heavenly Realm Publishing and how to order from us. With Heavenly Realm’s Book Return Program it makes it easier for traditional outlets to order and stock Heavenly Realm’s author's titles. Even without the program, some will still fulfill special orders for those who order the book through them.

Heavenly Realm does not actively pursue one-on-one marketing and sales with bookstores and outlets, however, these services depend solely upon the author as you can receive assistance from our team of marketing professional representatives. If retail outlets and bookstores would like to order your book, they can.


Q     Is the internet the only means of being able to purchase my book?

No. You or other people may purchase your book by visiting Heavenly Realm's Outlet at shop.heavenlyrealmpublishing.com or by calling our Book Ordering Department at: 866-216-0696, XT. 2.


Q     How do I get a refund for my book orders?

Unfortunately, book orders are non-refundable once they have been purchased. Only in the event of poor print quality and errors in the quality of your orders. If you experience these issues, please report them to our Book Ordering Department as you will need to file a claim within receiving your order. bookorderclaims@heavenlyrealmpublishing.com


Q     Who sets the price for my book?

Heavenly Realm sets the book price for you book based on page count and book type (paperback or hardback, black & white or full-color book). You set your retail price as you can receive counsel toward your price but are not entitled to.


Q     How is my royalty sales and the price of my book determined?

Heavenly Realm shall propose the retail price for your book through the sales of your book in the distribution channel.


Q     What is the royalty that I will receive on my book sales?

  Heavenly Realm gives authors a rate depending on your initial signing percentage. Some rates may include 10% while others include 25% to 30% to 55% to 80% to 99%. Depending on your signing agreement. Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed copies of your book and ebook from retailers and bookstores across the globe, less any returns, shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes are involved. There are thousands of bookstores and retailers across the globe who may pick your book up at any given time.


Below is an example of how your royalties work:

Source                                                 Paperback List Price                       Royalty %                  Royalty Earned
Amazon.com                                    $15.95                                                   10%                              $1.60

If your book is sold directly through Heavenly Realm’s Outlet, you may receive a higher royalty amount. Your royalty may be calculated as follows:

Source                                                 Paperback List Price                Royalty %                 Royalty Earned
Heavenly Realm Outlet               $15.95                                             25%                            $3.99


Q     How do I get paid for my royalties?

Royalties are calculated each calendar quarter, as payments are processed per the following schedule.


Q     When do book sales appear on my sales and royalty page?

When orders are made through Heavenly Realm, we add book sales and royalty page when the books are shipped to the customer. Sales made through our distribution channels will be added once they are submitted to us. If items ordered, but not yet shipped, will not appear on your sales and royalty page. As we receive shipping information each day, we receive notice that an item has been shipped, and your report is automatically updated.


Q     How is the sales and royalty page organized?

Each most recent book sales appear at the top of the page and continue down in reverse chronological order to your first published book and sale. The sales are organized and released form there.


Q     What are Order ID’s?

Order ID number is a confirmation number which is given to customers after they purchase a or some book(s).

Q     What is the pricing for the e-book and can I control how much I want to charge?

All e-book prices are set at a $9.99 default price. However, you may change your e-book price as you please as long as it adheres to Heavenly Realm’s e-book guidelines.

Q     What is the royalty percentage for e-books?

The author’s percentage is based on the signing agreement they have set up with Heavenly Realm. Most can be between 25% while others can be 30% to 55% to 80% to 99%.  Royalties are not paid to the author if the book is provided free of charge or sold to the author. You will receive what your agreement is set for when your e-book is sold. For example, if your royalty is set for 50%, and is sold on shop.heavenlyrealmpublishing.com at $3.99, you will receive $2.00. The channel discount (varies by varies partner) and will be deducted from the sales price and you will receive what is left.

Q     Where can I check my book and e-book royalties?

E-book and book sales and royalties for printed and electronic books will be joined together and sent to you in the form of an electronic email statement and one royalty check (if this applies to you).

Q     Do my hardcover and my paperback royalties have to be the same amount?

No. Your royalties are based on your initial sign on agreement you made at that time. These royalties are earned for each book type independently of one another. They do not have to be the same, however, they can with an agreement..

Q     How do I refer a friend to Heavenly Realm?
You may visit our Refer-A-Friend page and it will explain everything you need to know. Referring a family member is not valid. The Refer-A-Friend Program is not valid for Heavenly Realm Publishing employees.

Q     Is there a cost to be in this program?
There is no cost. In fact, when you refer a friend to Heavenly Realm and they come on board with us, you will receive $50 in the form of a check or electronic payment for each person you refer that come on board with Heavenly Realm.

Q     What do my friend(s) do after they have been referred?

All they have to do is call our toll free number at 1-866-216-0696, XT 1. Or you can provide us with their email, phone number, and address and we will personally send them a Refer-A-Friend Form or email. If after 10 days after the referred friend has completed publishing and printing their book, and the referee person who referred the fiend has not contacted Heavenly Realm to receive their Refer-A-Friend compensation for that particular friend, it will no longer be valid and will not be paid to the referee. The person who referred the friend must contact Heavenly Realm themselves. For more information and details please visit our Refer-A-Friend Program here.