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Make sure you have completed your manuscript. It must be a completed copy.
Please do not send your original. Do not send your manuscript before speaking to a Heavenly Realm Publishing Author Representative or your manuscript may not be received. Heavenly Realm is not responsible for lost manuscripts sent without permission.

Make sure you have proofread your manuscript and it does not need corrections unless you have chosen our Editorial Services. 

Note: You do not need to send a hard copy of your manuscript, you only need to send an electronic file of your manuscript. Preferably a Microsoft Word Doc.

If you have any questions, please email our Manuscript Services at: manuscript@heavenlyrealmpublishing.com.

**If you send us a file that does not meet the guidelines and specifications, (located on each of the Packages pages), this could delay the publishing process of your book. Please call us if you have any questions concerning how to follow the check list. 1-866-216-0696, XT. 1

**If you do not own a computer or do not have access to a computer or email address, you may mail your manuscript and/or cover design only after speaking to an Author Representative. Make sure it is saved on a flash drive or jump drive. You do not have to print a hard copy of your manuscript and send it to us.

**If you did not save your manuscript to a flash drive or jump drive, and only have it as a hard copy, will accept it only if you purchase our Data Entry Service. If you do not purchase our Data Entry Service, you will be required to send us
an electronic file on a flash drive or jump drive.


Please submit your entire book in a single word processing file, Microsoft Word 2003 or higher on a CD ROM or flash drive or Jump drive (if mailed). If sending your file via email or through Heavenly Realm’s File Drop Box Service.  You do not need to mail us your file (book).   

Label your CD ROM or Jump drive with your full name, address, telephone  number, email, and the title of your book. Please pack your disks inside a protective wrapping or a disk mailer to ensure that they will arrive safely,  and please retain a backup copy of your manuscript, please do not send originals. Heavenly Realm will not be responsible for lost or stolen items. 

**If your book is too large to fit on a single floppy disk or on a 3.5-inch floppy disk, split the file into two parts and send it on two separate disks. We prefer a CD Rom or Flash drive/Jump drive. These items will not be returned back to you, they will be stored in your file for future reference if needed. Any art work or photo’s will be returned with a small fee of $10.00 for shipping. Additional
fees may apply if shipping requires more fees.


Author Biography consists of a long description of yourself or a message to your readers. It will appear in your Author Bio page on the back of your book (100 word max) and also on the author biography page that readers view when they click on your book on the Heavenly Realm Online Bookstore- (Author eStore) Page within our Estore Website. 1,500 words max.


This will appear at the beginning of your book. 100 word max. 


This requires a short, one-paragraph description of your book that appears on the back cover of your book that will be listed on major bookstore websites and also on Heavenly Realm Online Bookstore- (Author eStore) Page within the Website. 100 word max.


This requires a long description of your book that will appear on your book’s page on the Heavenly Realm Online eStore- (Author Bookstore) Page within the Website. 3,500 words max.


Instructions on preparing your interior and cover images either on disk or hard-copy.(please do not send slides, art work, or sketches). Disk-based images can be sent on a PC-formatted CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, Memory Stick, Zip disk, or 3.5-inch floppy disk. Heavenly Realm supports supplied hard-copy images up to 11” x 17”, including original images on paper (original art such as watercolors, line art using ink etc.) and photographs. If you are submitting digital images, please read the follow the requirements. Images must be saved as either JPEG or TIFF files.To ensure quality reproduction, all graphics and/or images should have 
a resolution of at least 300 dpi or higher and be in it’s actual size. Save all image files as separate files. Please do not embed or paste images in your manuscript. If you do this, Heavenly Realm will not be responsible for the quality of your work and cannot ensure that your images will look professional. Please indicate directly in your manuscript where the images should be placed (e.g. text, text <insert image 1 here> text, text). Please make sure you use the right file name and page location for easy reference; a long with your interior images, you have the option to submit the following:

Custom Cover Image – to be placed on the front cover of the book.

Custom Cover Design – photo or illustration file for your book cover (not offered
with the e-Vision Package)

Custom Cover Author Image – to be placed on the back cover of the book.


Providing Your Own Book Cover Design to Heavenly Realm 

If you already have your Book Cover Design and would like to use it with your publishing, you will need to provide your cover in a PDF format including all layers available. Heavenly Realm’s Graphic and Illustration Design Team will manually set fonts, images, and all necessary items within your cover, spin, and back cover to adhere to our cover design guidelines. You will need to work close with your Author Adviser with this to make sure your cover is just the way you want it and adheres to our design guidelines. If by some small chance your cover does not, our Graphic and Illustration Design Team will work as hard as they can to make it work, however, they can only do as much as they can with what you provide. If by some small chance your cover does not meet our guidelines, we offer our Custom Cover Design Option and also offer Cover Design Templates that may best suit your cover design need. This is only an option to your choosing and not entitled.



Please call our Author Representative when you are ready to publish with us.
1866-216-0696, XT. 1 


If you already have your front cover design and have chosen the package or printing that offers this service, you may send your cover design as a PDF, JPEG or as a TIFF file. No less than 300 dpi. Call for proper cover guidelines and we will send it to you, your IT person, or to your graphic design person to upload to us. 1-866-216-0696


If you do not already have a front cover design for your book, Heavenly Realm has graphic artists that will professionally design your front cover vision for you. Call and ask about this service. 866-216-0696, XT. 1


You should be ready to:

   Speak to an Author Representative first. 1866-216-0696, XT. 1
2.   Send a finished Digital file of your manuscript, saved in Microsoft Word (digital file must be saved on a CD ROM or Jump drive
if mailed).
3.   Send a finished Cover Design in a pdf format (300 dpi). If you do not have a cover design, you may purchase our Custom Cover Design Option.

***You may call us you have questions about publishing with us, 1-866-216-0696, XT. 1


When sending us your information, Heavenly Realm recommends that you use a traceable mail service (UPS, FedEx, certified mail, etc.) to ensure the safe arrival of your package. Heavenly Realm is not responsible for any lost or damaged packages sent to us.


DO NOT SEND ORIGINAL COPIES OF YOUR MANUSCRIPT, CD’S, OR DVD’S. THEY WILL NOT BE RETURNED. If you have any questions regarding this, call us and a representative will be glad to help you. 1-866-216-0696




Follow the check list to a successful smooth publishing with Heavenly Realm Publishing.