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Heavenly Realm want our authors informed. Below are question and answers you may have in reference to how royalties are set up. 


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Q     Who sets the price for my book?

A     Heavenly Realm sets the book price for you book based on page count and book type (paperback or hardback, black & white or full-color book).


Q     How is my royalty sales and the price of my book determined?

A     Heavenly Realm shall propose the retail price for your book through the sales of your book in the distribution channel.


Q     What is the royalty that I will receive on my book sales?

A     Heavenly Realm gives authors a rate depending on your initial signing percentage. Some rates include 10% while others include 25% to 30% to 55% to 70%. Depending on your signing agreement. Royalties are based on the payments we actually receive from the sale of printed copies of your book and ebook from retailers and bookstores across the globe, less any returns, shipping and handling charges or sales and use taxes are involved. There are thousands of bookstores and retailers across the globe who may pick your book up at any given time.


Below is an example of how your royalties work:

Source                                              Paperback List Price                   Royalty %                  Royalty Earned                                    $15.95                                            10%                              $1.60


If your book is sold directly through Heavenly Realm’s bookstore, you will receive a higher royalty amount. Your royalty is calculated as follows:


Source                                            Paperback List Price                    Royalty %                 Royalty Earned

Heavenly Realm Website               $15.95                                             25%                            $3.99


Q     How do I get paid for my royalties?

A     Royalties are calculated each calendar quarter, as payments are processed per the following schedule.


Q     When do book sales appear on my sales and royalty page?

A     When orders are made through Heavenly Realm, we add book sales and royalty page when the books are shipped to the customer. Sales made through our distribution channels will be added once they are submitted to us. There is a 90 day curve on purchased books through our distribution retailers and book chains as book sales may not be seen right away. If items ordered, but not yet shipped, will not appear yet on your sales statement and royalty page. As we receive shipping information, we receive notice that an item has been shipped, and your report is automatically updated.


Q     How is the sales and royalty page organized?

A     Each most recent book sales appear at the top of the page and continue down in reverse chronological order to your first published book and sale but are also not limited to. These royalty page and/or statements may change without consent of and to the author. The sales are organized and released from there.


Q     What are Book Order ID’s?

A     A Book Order ID number is a confirmation number which is given to customers after they purchase a or some book(s).


Q     What is the pricing for the e-book and can I control how much I want to charge?

A     All e-book prices are set at a $9.99 default price. However, you may change your e-book price as you please as long as it adheres to Heavenly Realm’s e-book guidelines.


Q     What is the royalty percentage for e-books?

A     The author’s percentage is based on the signing agreement they have set up with Heavenly Realm. Most can be between 25% while others can be 30% to 40% to 55% to 70%.  Royalties are not paid to the author if the book is provided free of charge or sold to the author. You will receive what your agreement is set for when your e-book is sold. For example, if your royalty is set for 50%, and is sold on at $3.99, you will receive $2.00. The channel discount (varies by various partners) and will be deducted from the sales price and you will receive what is left.


Q     Where can I check my book and e-book royalties?

A     E-book and book sales and royalties for printed and electronic books will be joined together and sent to you in the form of one royalty check or electronically imbursed in your bank account, if this applies to you.


Q     Do my hardcover and my paperback royalties have to be the same amount?

A     No. You are free to set your royalties, which are earned for each book type independently of one another. They do not have to be the same.​