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The Author will receive:

Book Design & Image Exclusives  for Book

  • Custom Cover Design (Chosen by author)
  • Interior Setup and custom design for publication  (black & white only)
  • 35 Image Insertions (black & white only) 
  • Personalized Back cover Option
  • Author Photo (Interior and Exterior of book)

 Book Production Exclusives for Book

  • Author Adviser counselor will personally work with you
  • Availability of Paperback & Hardback format set up for print
  • 1 FREE e-copy of book

Book Post-Production Exclusives for Book

  • Assigned ISBN
  • Worldwide Marketing & Distribution 
  • Register your book with online booksellers worldwide (Barnes & Noble, Book-A-Million, Amazon.com and thousands more. 
  • Quarterly Royalty payments paid to author  
  • Author Photo (photo supplied by author)
  • 65 FREE Paperback Books (with order) 
  • 5 FREE Hardback Books (Optional Format) (5 Free hardcover books with order)

​​                  If you choose the hardcover option only without paperback books, you will receive 55 FREE Hardcover books in Black & White

                 and/or 30 FREE in Full-Color with your book order. If you choose both book formats, you will receive 65 free paperbacks and 5

                 free hardcovers. If paperbacks only you will receive 65 free books with your order.

  • Copyright Registration
  • 100 Postcards

The Custom Made Package is a custom made package that is fit for full publishing and marketing service. This package enables you to deliver a fast, professional quality book in the way you envision it to be. You have the option to receive a paperback formatted option only or a hardback formatted only, or you can simply receive both paperback and hardback options together. This is perfect if you want to deliver a fully designed, customized book for worldwide marketing. Your choice your way.