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DISCLAIMER: Prices and publishing packages are subject to change without prior notice. Shipping and handling for complimentary titles, if any, are not included in the publishing package price. Print charges are separate. Some restrictions may apply. 


This E-Book to Print upgraded option is for the author who has an ebook they would like to see as a printed copy of the same book. Heavenly Realm is offering this upgraded option for an upgraded price.

Once an author publishes an ebook (e-Vision, Kindle, Nook, or an Apple iBook) only with Heavenly Realm, he or she has the option for Heavenly Realm to publish and print your ebook into a physical printed soft cover or hard cover book of the same book title with an upgraded fee. This change will be from just publishing and worldwide marketing distribution with an electronic ebook, to publishing and printing a physical copy of the same book title with Heavenly Realm. This option is to be able to change from an ebook publishing to a printed Black & White Book Publishing and/or the printed Full-Color Book Publishing. To make this upgrade, the Black & White Book Publishing fee is $2,295 and the Full-Color Book Publishing Fee is $2,595. Call us today, we’re waiting to help you! 1866-216-0696, EXT. 1

You may also find this option as Option 29 within our Optional Services.

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***Please read disclaimer and Please Note on the Ebook Publishing page for stipulations and regulations.